How to Encourage Your Customers to Leave a Consumer Product Review
Consumer Product Review

Product reviews are one of the best ways in which a company can promote and market its product. It is very important because it draws on people’s experiences and allows potential buyers to relate to them and hence choose this product over another similar product or to have the incentive to buy your product even when it is more expensive than others that are similar. One of the most effective ways to get many reviews is to get your customers to review the product they are buying. However, very few people will do it automatically, so here are a few ways in which you could actively encourage it.


The best and fastest way of getting customers to review a product is by offering them a small discount on their next purchase. Everyone likes saving money and your customers will be much more inclined to fill out a survey or write a review publicly if you offered something in return. Make sure that the discounts you are offering are actually within the limits that you can afford.

Offer a cash return or a gift

This is your best bet for getting the best product reviews. Instead of offering a discount, you can go all the way and offer the consumer a $10 rebate after they write a review of fill out the review forms. Do not freak out many companies do that and it is a good way of getting you business. Thanks to that and if the customer is satisfied, they will be much more likely to come back for more business. Everybody wins.

If a cash rebate is too much for your company, offer a small gift, better yet you can try to get those through a sponsorship.

Follow up

Many companies collect information at the checkout. Ask the customer for an email address or a phone number and follow up a few days later to get their feedback on their shopping experience and on the products they purchased. While this method gives you the upper hand, keep in mind that very few people will actually take the time to write product reviews, without anything in return, unless they are extremely satisfied, or grossly unsatisfied for that matter. So make sure you offer a discount or a coupon code of some sort to go along with more from

Mailing list

Ask for an email address at the check-out and keep those on record. Of course, you cannot make those mandatory but you can encourage customers to leave an email address in order to receive discounts and news. You can later send an email asking for the products to be reviewed.

Consumer Product Review

It is not a guaranteed way to get a review but it works about half the time.

Customers are your best promotions, you do not want to lose them and you want to make sure they continue to grow. The best product reviews will come from satisfied and happy customers, so keep that in mind and make sure your customer service is always up to the more reviews now!

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