7 Simple Steps to Writing Product Reviews that Sell

In product reviews a good product description helps immensely with selling the product. The purpose of a product description is to entice and persuade the buyer into purchasing the product. Once you write a good product review it is important that you check and double check your information, vocabulary, spelling, claims and tone carefully before finally publishing.

The Product

  1. What are the benefits & features? –Mentioning the features of a product is an important element in a product review. Highlighting the features helps consumers to make their decisions however mentioning the benefits of the product’s features is what will grasp their attention. Most consumers are more focused on how a product will better their lives.
  2. Update product description – Where applicable you will need to update the descriptions/features of the product that you mentioned in your review. Outdated or incorrect information is a turn off for consumers and this can cause confusion and they may just decide to turn away from your product completely.

The Writing Structure of the Review

  1. Keep the review short – Product reviews should not be an essay; they should be quick, short and to the point. A product may have many features, benefits or flaws but the best product reviews will highlight the most important aspects the product. In writing a product review, one should ensure that they choose wisely the things that they mention.
  2. Use the correct writing style – Writing a product review can be beneficial if you know the tone and vocabulary that suits your audience. If you know that your audience may have difficulty with understanding the completely technical terms then you can adjust the review so that your audience can understand.
  3. Write for SEO –Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any content that will be on the web for persons to read. SEO is basically writing your review with keywords in mind; these keywords should be strategically placed within the article as this helps the article to be found more easily on Google or other search engines.
  4. Optimize the review layout – Most persons will be able to read your review better if it is laid out in a format that is easy to read. The use of short paragraphs, bullets, lists and tables can help to make your product review more readable to your audience. You can know more tips here!

The Audience

  1. Study your customers’wants &needs –Once you have identified the benefits and features of the product it is important to identify the ones that would be relevant to your target audience. Once you identify you audience then the product review will be easier to write.

Even though it is all words, a product review should not be boring. When writing a product review you should always keep in mind that you are trying to use your words to persuade someone to buy something. Some of the best product reviews are crafted in such a way that once a consumer reads it they have made up their mind to make a purchase.

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